Paris Psych-Rock Band ‘Pink Fireball’ Release Debut Album

Regulars on the Paris music scene, Pink Fireball describe their music as ‘Pop Psychedelic Blues Rock from space’. Whilst a bit of a mouthful, its pretty on the nose.

Their debut album ‘Strange Voices’ displays Pink Fireball’s free-spirited and experimental approach to style and songwriting, reminiscent of the music of the late 60’s and 70’s. The album functions flies you through a solar system of genres, from the catchy and uplifting rock of ‘Red Flowers’ and ‘Turn Around’, to the darker, bluesier trips of ‘Strange Voices’ and the psycho-billy inspired ‘First Class’. groupe 06-067.jpg

This is a band that is carving out a new frontier. Not content to merely fit in with existing aesthetics, Pink Fireball seek instead to bring something idiosyncratic to their myriad of influences. The result is truly out of this world.

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