Becce J and D Double E pair up to soundtrack your weekend with ‘Timing’

With spacey vocals that resonate those of Nao and Mura MasaBecce J has paired up with grime royalty D Double E to create one of the catchiest tracks to come out of 2019 so far with TimingThe track indulges hypnotic bass lines and chilled loops, with a consistent beat that gives the track an infectious rhythm.

Hailing from Preston, Lancashire, Becce J’s journey to release Timing would have seen many others give up at the first hurdle and her struggle rings true in the track lyrically with her inspirational message to carry on pursuing your dreams despite life’s ups and downs.

D Double E’s own journey has seen him hailed as one of the founding fathers of Grime, beginning with N.A.S.T.Y Crew and then the seminal Newham Generals – Newham now becoming as synonymous as the great bases of US rap, with the headlines relating to 21 Savage’s up-bringing.

With its crisp beats, memorable chorus and of course, D Double E’s trademark rap, Timing  is a necessary good-vibe soundtrack this weekend.

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