Metal Sensation ‘In Signs’, deliver a thundering new single ‘Knock Knock’

One of the best metal songs of the year has just been released, and it hasn’t been written by Metallica or Slipknot, but by the Ukrainian band In Signs. This trio first formed in 2014 as a post-grunge band and only ever played their own self-penned material, such was the calibre of their song writing.

They released 5 infectious singles in 2020, such as ‘Blood for Blood’ which mixed the lightening guitar riffs of Deep Purple with the addictive pop melodies of The Beatles.

I listened to The Beatles, Oasis, Scorpions, Deep Purple from my childhood, so I believe they were the biggest influences. But I started writing songs being inspired by Three Days Grace who are playing post-grunge; by Dallas Green from City and Colour who are playing indie-folk. I don’t know why but these genres were mixed in my head.Arsen, In Signs

In Signs have carried on their stupefying run of form with their release of their 2021 single ‘Knock Knock’. This scintillating song begins with sombre vocals that immediately grab your attention, then pounding drums begin to creep in which gradually get louder and louder. This song then explodes into a concoction of blazing guitars, deafening vocals and thunderous drum beats that will threaten any portable speaker’s decibel limit. Despite being from Ukraine, In Sign’s command of the English Language is incredible with lyrics that perfectly encapsulate the frustration and agony of modern life.

“It’s so important to be true with people who listen to your music and this is our main goal. There are a lot of artists nowadays but not all of them are doing art. We want to prove that music is not about money, it’s about the passion of your life. I’m a closed person and making music and writing lyrics is a perfect way for me to communicate with people.” Arsen, In Signs

‘Knock Knock’ is just the first of many songs expected from In Signs in 2021 and we certainly cannot wait to see where they take their impeccably distinctive sound next.

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