British rapper Saint unleashes an outstanding debut EP ‘LUCID’

Saint has just released one of the most refreshing and exhilarating EP’s of 2021 so far. Despite being only approximately 12 minutes long, Saint’s EP ‘Lucid’ makes the most of short listening time to take the listener on a unique aural adventure; the rapper spits out lyrics that conjure greater emotions than most music you hear in the UK Top 40.

Not a single second of audio is wasted on this EP as every single word and beat has the sole purpose of creating a meaningful, energetic and brilliant listening experience that is sure to be constant in everyone’s summer songs this year.

“Saint is the next to blow in the urban scene” – Andrew Marston, BBC Introducing Hereford & Worcester

The EP’s opening track ‘Adrenaline’ more than lives up to its name, with Saint delivering his exceptional poetry with rapid speed, filling the listener with unlimited energy that will fit perfectly on any gym playlist.

The EP’s third track ‘Changes’ is Saint’s tribute to the power of words and how they can have a positive effect on the world, making you want to become a bit of a poet yourself. This theme continues on the EP’s closing track ‘No More’, which is Saint’s statement against the world’s lies and corruption and call to live your life based on your own astuteness, not how you’re told to live it.

Saint has used his innate ability of crafting wonderful soliloquies to bring about change in British society. This new EP has allowed Saint to finally unshackle his unique sound, which he has labelled ‘Revolutionary Rhythm’, onto an unsuspecting public. This distinctive sound has been crafted with the help of Saint’s brilliantly gifted producer ‘PsyRo’ who, in his own words, is ‘bringing a new sound for a new age’.

Hailing from Stourbridge in the West Midlands, Saint is set to become one of the most influential hip-hop artists in the UK. With the help of PsyRO, Saint has been able to set up his own label ‘MusicalKilla Records’ which is where ‘Lucid’ was released on. With Saint calling the shots on the record label, this means that his artistic vision will not be compromised for the sake of profit; the music and its underlying messages will always be the priority for Saint. Go give Lucid a listen if you haven’t already!


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