Chris Andreucci releases exhilarating new EP ‘What Don’t Kill You’!

Chris Andreucci is set to take up the gauntlet laid down by fellow scots Lewis Capaldi and Paolo Nutini, and command radio waves on both sides of The Atlantic. The Glasgow-based Chris managed to bag himself a record deal with the Nashville label ‘Century Music Group’ in 2019, with the label’s president expressing huge admiration for Chris’s pristine musical talents.

Despite not yet releasing a full studio album, Chris has already performed at some of Scotland’s most prestigious venues like the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall and King Tut’s Wah Wah Hut, where a little band called Oasis were first discovered. 2020 was set to be the year of Chris Andreucci, with plans for major festival dates, as well as his intention to move out to Nashville to try and conquer the American soundwaves, but COVID-19 intervened.

“2020 has been a crazy year. It was set to be a year full of highs – a performance at C2C Festival at The Hydro in Glasgow alongside my favourite artists such as Luke Combs, an EP launch and then a move out to
Nashville in July. But in reality, like so many other people, the year was filled with lows. All my shows were cancelled or rescheduled due to COVID and as a direct result of this my visa application fell through as I had
no activities lined up”. – Chris Andreucci

All of Chris’ plans for 2020 were thrown on the scrap heap, but he will not be deterred in fulfilling his boundless potential with the release of his new EP ‘What Don’t Kill You’.

What Don’t Kill You boasts an enormous range of instrumentation, with ragingly brisk electric guitars and thundering vocals on the opening track ‘Here Comes The Rain’. Complementing this sound is a more tender acoustic guitar on the track ‘Thunderstorms and Rain’.

Overall, it’s the songs ‘Tonight I’m Yours’ and ‘Freedom’ that are the EP’s procurement. This is where Chris Andreucci showcases his instinctive ability to craft powerful tales of modern day romance. This EP is very mercurial and covers all spheres of the emotional spectrum, from being very uplifting in ‘The Only Love That Never Broke My Heart’, to creating a devastating, sorrowful tale of a break-up in ‘Drinking Song’.

2020 was meant to be the year that Chris Andreucci broke into the mainstream and I believe if it wasn’t for COVID, he would have fulfilled his destiny. Still, I have a feeling that 2021 will be the year that Chris Andreucci joins the dynasty of great Scottish musicians who have conquered the world.

Track List

  1. Here Comes The Rain
  2. Tonight I’m Yours
  3. Drinking Song
  4. Thunderstorms & Rain
  5. The Only Love That Never Broke My Heart
  6. Freedom

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Anita Gabrielle releases the radiant EP ‘Just Neat’ to help research into Parkinson’s Disease

Anita Gabrielle has been making folk music since the late 1960s, when her brother Michael introduced her to the powerful sounds of Joni Mitchell.

Her talent blended with her supreme work ethic saw her achieve national coverage in the 1980s with her band The Crew. She has also supported seminal artists such as Divine and Labi Siffre.

Anita has always strived to have a broad musical pallet. She has incorporated acoustic rock and pop into her music through her collaborations with artists like ZeNaNa and The Favourite Aunties.

However, ever since her brother was tragically diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease last year, Anita has made it her primary mission to enhance research into the disease through her latest EP ‘Just Neat’.

This EP is comprised of 6 wonderful tracks that were materialised during lockdown, with the intention of raising funds for Parkinson’s disease research. The EP’s leading single ‘Best Friends’ is a soothing experience fronted by Anita’s ethereal vocals, tranquil guitar licks and piano riffs.

‘Just Neat’ also saw Anita get the incredible chance to work with Grammy award winning Amy Wadge, who has previously collaborated with Ed Sheeran. Amy’s gentle vocals and her innate ability on the piano serve as a valuable addition to EP’s sound.

Anita says of Amy:

“Obviously, I was absolutely thrilled to be supported by someone with the credentials of an artist like Amy, who not only has worked with Ed Sheeran but many other major artists such as Camila Cabello and Lady
Antebellum too”

Anita is also a dedicated campaigner for older women’s rights and LGBTQ+ issues, humorously describing herself as a ‘dyke in a hat’.

if that’s not enough, Anita has recently fought off a cancer scare, with the removal of a kidney and hip replacement; her burning desire and enthusiasm for life is evident in her wonderfully melodic songs. Go and check out ‘Just Neat’ if you haven’t already!

All money will go to Parkinson’s research and Anita has also set up a Just Giving page here:

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The Fabulous Red Diesel live up to their name with ‘The Queensbury House Sessions’

The Fabulous Red Diesel stand themselves as unique and suitably eccentric with their new EP ‘The Queensbury House Sessions’. What makes it all the more impressive is that it was recorded in just one take.

The band is made up of a husband and wife on vocals, a transgender trumpeter and double-bassist, a synth player and a guitarist named Rabbi Jaff Delicious – I guess you could say the record is fittingly unconventional.

‘Butterfly Mind’, the band’s hit single, holds a hypnotic sound. It’s a song about love, and the inability for the feeling to just flutter away…

Writer Kat discusses the song’s meaning to her:

It’s about the way my brain works and the way music flits from one person to another, changing their perception (hopefully for the better) by tiny inspirational touches. And then it’s also a love song – I am married to the drummer and I’m saying no matter how many twists and turns and expansions my mind has, I am always grounded in him – you know I’ve got a butterfly mind but I settle on you ‘’

Listen below:

The band’s loyal fanbase has followed them from their humble formation in Hastings, and watched them grow to play alongside the immensely talented likes of Skunk Anansie and Jeff Buckley.

Their unique sound showcases a classic 60s soul style, with jazz and rhythmic jumps from hip-hop beats to Latin and funk.

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New single ‘The Quest’ establishes InHibit as an influential alt-rock act

‘The Quest’ – a stunning new single from InHibit, which is out now – is the perfect mix of twanging guitar, sliding melodies, and overall pretty exciting tunes.

Despite being only 21, InHibit (Noah Roovers) has been divulged in the world of music since he was 5 years-old just starting to learn piano. He described himself as a poet, though his songs determine him as a true music composer; his 400,000 YouTube views, all accumulated in less than a month, also categorise him as something very special.

Alongside his single ‘The Quest’, we now also have stunning visuals in the form of a video. It can only be described as astonishingly eye-popping – see for yourself.

The track gives the vibes of late 90s rock, not unlike the style of Nirvana. But we can expect to see much more from InHibit, as he’s releasing not only further musical content but a book and a collection of poetry.

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I Am Tru Starr releases album ‘Viva’ as a hymn to Black Lives Matter

I Am Tru Starr is an artist that epitomises musical expression. The tracks on this latest release truly portray his feelings and, for that reason, listeners can find it easy to relate to the emotional lyrics.

The album gives classic soul and hip-hop vibes while also allowing I Am Tru Starr to add his own twist to the music. Having spent five years in a federal prison, his experience with the subject of the lyrics gives a sense of realism. Especially in track ‘Something’s Gotta Change’, which brims with emotion and personal experience.

I Am Tru Starr is originally from Rochester, New York and he’s living in Las Vegas now. As a young black man, he’s seen first-hand the best and the worst elements of society and portrays this through his music. We can see this through the lyrics of ‘Something’s Gotta Change’:

This society is sedated and I wanna do my part in waking ‘em up. It’s about time real music got the light it deserves. No politics. No label tricks. No big city backing. My family explained to me when I was young that Emmett Till (whose lynching was a major influence on the emergence of Black Rights in 50s and 60s America) was a distant cousin, and what he went through has always helped to fuel the passion in my music”

I Am Tru Starr boldly displays true honesty, highlighting societies problems with real potency. This album is not to be missed…

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Kiey’s new single ‘Piccadilly’ envisions the heart of London

Electro-pop creator Kiey is multitalented; an artist whose instrumentation, production, and mastering are completed solely by himself.

New track ‘Piccadilly’ is so perfectly London-centric that it shocks many to know that the man behind it lives thousands of miles away in Vietnam.

The communist rule there does not make an easy environment for the production of exotic new tracks such as this.

His single ‘Piccadilly’ is rich in textures of electro and melancholic depth; it’s clear the artist yearns for the excitement of the dark streets of London

An accompanying video accentuates the creepy nostalgia, released just in time for Halloween.

The influence of Kiey’s musical heroes (Lana Del Rey, Sia and Troye Sivan) are evident in the bouncy tracks.

With a new album on the horizon for early 2021, this certainly won’t be the last we hear from an artist so passionately, talented in haunting beat creation.

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MeMe Detroit releases powerful rock single ‘Mean Rock n Roller’

Not only is MeMe Detriot’s sound a riveting mix of indie, grunge, rock and blues, they’re led by a woman who is undeniably independent (she has over 200 gigs under her belt) and fiercely willing to be herself. What’s not to love?

Despite having such an array of genre specifics, MeMe Detriot’s rock knowledge is classic and stringent. She is self-described as ‘Uplifting Angst’.

The band is made up of multi-skilled MeMe on vocals, guitars, bass and synth with Kallum McEwen on drums. This pair’s live shows are said to be delightfully immersive and energising.

Fans had the opportunity to feature in MeMe Detroit’s new video for ‘Mean Rock n Roller’. The duo describe it as suitably riotous and supplied with much-needed fresh grimy rock. Check it out below.

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Aussie rising stars The Bonnie Doons to release new EP ‘The Betweeners’ on 20th November

The Brisbane-based five piece have teased the release of their upcoming EP ‘The Betweeners’ with their latest single ‘Fred’.

This song’s honest and blunt lyrics, depicting a malfunctioning relationship needing to be ended without guilt, stand it apart from blander singles. ‘Fred’ begins the countdown for The Bonnie Doons’ highly anticipated new album.

Boonie Doons give the 90s a showcase with their style of alternative rap and pop. ‘Fred’ offers classic chiming guitar chords intertwined with a fresh groove.

The music is perfect for stretching out and drenching the last of the sun from those crisp autumn mornings.

Similar to Ocean Alley, GUM and San Cisco, ‘The Betweeners’ creates a space where you can easily drift in the EP. The band’s new music leaves them in promising stead as the industry works on its return to live music, as soon as it’s safe to do so.

Thankfully, fans have ‘Fred’ to satisfy them until The Bonnie Doons can return in full force…

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Blues Rock favourites Steady Rollin shift genres with exclusive new remix of ‘You’re Mystical’

El Salvador’s Blues Rock trio Steady Rollin are continuing their remarkable rise to global recognition with a genre-bending new remix of ‘You’re mystical’, courtesy of top DJ and producer Elyse Rich.

For a band which oozes authenticity and class, opting to record and play music in the same tradition as bands like Cream and The Who, a dance remix of their hit single is bizarre but effective; helping to deliver singer Fernando Poma’s important message across genres.

“It’s a love song about a long-married couple where the husband feels a bit insecure about his wife’s love for him. He takes her to a solitary cottage in the woods. He looks at her and feels so much love that just the depth of that love makes him so scared of losing her. At one point he asks her to take a walk with him under the stars – he wants to see if the “stars are still shining” for HIM regarding her love for him. They get back into the house and he looks at her in the kitchen and can’t do anything but “sigh”. He loves her so much that he is afraid. He finds her truly mystical and otherworldly”.  

Fernando Poma, Steady Rollin
Listen to Steady Rollin’s first album Love and Loss, featuring the original ‘You’re Mystical’

What would seem like a strange collaboration to many artists, producer Elyse Rich explained that it was the message which ‘You’re Mystical’ stood for that attracted her to the song.

“You’re Mystical” is a song about self-love and self-acceptance. It’s an inspirational love song from yourSELF to yourSELF. It expresses the depth of ways we can relate to ourselves and how to bridge the gap between who we have become and the longing to reconnect with who we know ourselves to be. 

Elyse Rich

Elyse’s remix of ‘You’re Mystical’, released October 16th, gives an unconventional but exciting look forward to Steady Rollin’s debut upcoming album Love and Loss. The trio’s first full project combines real life experiences of love and passion with emotional blues rock, resulting in a record of raw emotional power. 

With the UK-exclusive remixed single opening up a whole new genre and demographic to Steady Rollin, they’re sure to hit the ground running on a global scale comet restart of the post-lockdown music industry.

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Youtube: SteadyRollinBand

OVERLAPS Release ‘Your Eyes’ Lyric Video

Italian Alternative/Nu Rock band, OVERLAPS, have released a new lyric video for ‘Your Eyes‘, it’s the second single taken from their new studio album ‘In Your Room‘, which will be released on March 27th via TIME TO KILL RECORDS.

The video can be viewed here:

The video was directed by Stefano Mastronicola.

OVERLAPS started in 2017 with the release of 3 singles “Countdown”, “Dreams For Sale” and “On Monday”, produced by Fabio Trentini (Guano ApesDonotsH -Blockx), and showing the potential of OVERLAPS in mixing atmospheres of the most classic rock with modern influences.

OVERLAPS played the same year at the Bloodstock Festival in UK and the same year saw them performing at the Treviso Home Festival in Italy.

In 2018 OVERLAPS released their  debut album and in autumn the same year they did a European tour with 26 dates, as support to the Finnish band THE RASMUS.

OVERLAPS is ready to announce more details of their second album very soon, which will be released via TIME TO KILL RECORDS.

TIME TO KILL RECORDS is a division of KICK AGENCY and was founded in 2016 and is the most chaotic extreme record label in Italy. TIME TO KILL RECORDS is a pure, old school, metal DIY record label and management.

The project is realised with the support of MiBACT and SIAE as part of the initiative “Per Chi Crea”.

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