Zipten’s Music Will Take You To Another Galaxy

Milan-based electro producer, Zipten, describes his forthcoming track, ‘(You Are) Encanto’, as “a hymn to beauty” which perfectly demonstrates his talent for creating enchanting electronic soundscapes. It melds dance beats and rhythms with a timeless combination of synth and guitar melodies. ‘(You Are) Encanto’ follows his recent tracks ‘Galaxy Journey’ and ‘Bon Voyage’, which have already confirmed Zipten’s ability to magic up instrumental music that allows listeners to escape to other galaxies.

Here’s what Zipten has to say: music for me is passion and feeling; I would like people to feel what I feel, that is to let themselves be transported through images, sensations and emotions; my will is that every track fits to be a short film, to communicate a vision, a dreamlike journey”.


It’s safe to say that 2020 has thrown a few curve balls at us so far. During the current global pandemic, you may find yourself a bit lost and isolated, but Zipten looks to unite music fans worldwide with an experience that transports listeners beyond their surroundings, providing them with moments of magical solace.







R.Seiliog Releases Opal Drift Ahead Of Album Launch Next Month

R.Seiliog presents ‘Opal Drift’, a deep-flowing ambient techno cut from his forthcoming LP ‘Megadoze‘ out  30th of November on Turnstile music.

Welsh producer R.Seiliog aka Robin Edwards returns with his new LP ‘Megadoze’ a subtle shift from the sonic palette of critically acclaimed ‘In Hz’ and 2016’s ’Shedhead EP’. R.Seiliog creates a gentle stir from darkness, coaxing ambisonic visions of the void with synth-driven tides. ‘Megadoze’refined prologue surges through visceral tapestries of static and haze merging ambient techno, musique concrète and field recordings.

Astounding lead track ‘Opal Drift’ with its enveloping structures builds through ambient textures and a bricolage of half-remembered techno and synth waves, it’s like the evocative sound of flowing water softly sculpting the rocks of the Black mountains. Second track ‘DC Offset’ weaves intricate sci-fi soundtrack layers bubbles, babbles and skitters with otherworldly presence echoing homage to the finest work of Brian Eno, its followed by the incredible ‘Obsidian’ its deep-glitch woven journey unfurls into an awe-inspiring interlude of sonic revelry in its final portion.  Meanwhile the ambient hauntings and glacial washes of ‘Vitamin Filter’ are a masterclass in the melding of field recordings and motorik electronic beats, it’s equally the soundtrack to chilling-in, or going out.

‘Zemlya’ resonates and chimes with harmonics that conjure echoes of the percussive music of different continents from India to Africa, underscored by contrasting hues of sub-bass driven beats, crunchy granular glitch with instrumental swathes. The ambient drops of ‘Nectar Phase’with its viscous swells and fluxing breakbeat possess a timelessness. The glacial ‘Chalk Fields’ mirrors the sound of a rising sun casting cosmic beams onto your face as you lie in a dew-speckled field, samples of birds chirruping, streams flowing, a distant voice and stunning ambient textures arise into a moment of unified clarity.
Sonically daring and sewn with intricate genre-blurring levels of detail, each cut remains connected to the heart of nature in its elemental force, ‘Megadoze’ is perhaps R.Seiliog’s finest record yet.

R.Seiliog emerged from the pine coned hills of Peniel, North Wales. Releasing the warm analog psychedelia of 2012’s ‘Shuffles EP’, and his debut long player 2013’s ‘Doppler’ which was a wide-eyed homage to Krautrock. Manic Street Preachers were so inspired by his debut album  Doppler that the band entrusted Edwards to remix Manic Street Preachers’ single ‘Futurology’.

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In 2014 the release of his critically acclaimed second album ‘In Hz’ a masterful work of convoluted drone and electronics. Which led Thump to herald it as “So good it hurts” and Mojo Magazine to say  “R.Seiliog presides over a subtle, imaginative record that transcends many genres.”  R. Seiliog’s work has received airplay from the likes of Huw Stephens, 6 Music – Mary Anne Hobbs, Radcliffe and Maconie and Lauren Laverne.

‘Thunder Come’- Ashley Iona


Ambient is the word that comes to mind when listening to Ashley Iona’s latest track, ‘Thunder Come’.

The Australian singer is currently based in Los Angeles for the sake of her musical pursuits and has worked with some big names, including Justin Hergett who was Grammy-nominated for Beyonce’s 2014 self-titled album.

Iona has a magical, mesmerising vocal tone that ranges from a smooth whisper to a rich growl, but what stands out most is the clean sound of purity in her voice.

Whilst the track begins with an ambient feel, by the time the chorus come in, Ashley rains down with with a powerful, pulsating beat and crashing symbols that reflect the thunderous subtext of the song.

According to Ashley Iona, the song was written during three days of rare thunderstorms in Los Angeles and so her inspiration for the track is clear. Consequently, there is a sense of cleansing and purifying evoked by the track, not only by its lyrics, but the overall vibe of the song too, demonstrated by the transition from calm and ambient to the fast paced, crashing chorus.

A classically trained singer from the age of 10, Ashley has spent the past 4 years in LA working in the same studio as Sia and Christina Perri, developing her style and finding her own voice. She has experimented with different musical styles but she seems to have found her musical identity with ‘Thunder Come’.

For more on Ashley Iona, check her out here: