The legendary Raw Soul Express return with sensational new single ‘Fate of the World’

Raw Soul Express have released a refreshingly catchy, buoyant and daring new single that mixes addictive pop melodies with shadowy contemporary lyrics. Having been innovating the soul and funk genre since the early 1970s, Raw Soul Express have put their suaveness and maturity to use, so they can lyrically tackle salient subjects like the Black Lives Matter movement and global warming.

Raw Soul Express are uniquely able to merge pressing lyrics with a wonderful concoction of rapid saxophone playing from John McMinn that rips through speakers with a huge velocity, while Paul Mullen’s snappy keyboard playing could give Tom Coppola of Chic a run for his money. The addition of these outstanding musical components are boosted through the expectational drum and bass playing that will be impossible to get out of your head.

Raw Soul Express are respected veterans of the funk soul scene, having released their pioneering eponymous debut album in 1976. Originating in Miami, Raw Soul Express have remarkably managed to retain all of the original members since the band’s creation, an important feat considering the passion and creativity that each band member harvests. Their addition to the American funk soul scene and their musical prowess has not gone unnoticed, since they have performed in the past with iconic names such as Kool and the Gang and James Brown.

“In 1971 I answered an ad on a bulletin board in a music store for bass player wanted. I sat in one evening and jammed with the band. About three months later at 3 a.m. there was a knock at my door. Three band members woke me and asked if I wanted to be in the band. “You have to decide now” they said, we have a gig at Bethune-Cookman all black college. The bass player they had left them in a spot so half asleep I said yes. I believe I was the only hippie there that night. After doing the gig and losing about 20 lbs from pure fear and nerves not knowing what the hell I was doing, they decided to keep me and 50 years later here I am!Albie Manno of Raw Soul Express

Raw Soul Express were one of the most progressive, revolutionary bands of the 1970s by employing both black and white musicians to perform in harmony with each other, which served as a middle finger to the backwards nature of race relations at the time. With the ‘Fate of the World’ single, Raw Soul Express are incredibly able to tap into modern societal issues with a song that was surprisingly written in the 1990s.

“Because the song was written by myself and Rick some 25 years ago, I had no idea in 2019 – when I was planning to make the video in 2020 – what the images were going to be. To me it just affirms that what we’ve been doing all along is what we were meant to do. As artists I believe we should reflect on the times, may they be good or bad.”Albie Manno of Raw Soul Express

The music of Raw Soul Express has now been shared with a whole new generation of young followers that adore their music. Always the pioneers, Raw Soul Express have also crafted an exceptional music video that provides the track with supernatural and hypnotic visuals. Go check out this single if you haven’t already!

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