J Carlyle’s latest single “Intruder Alert” is destined to storm the charts

I’ve just listened to one of the most memorable singles I’ve heard for months. J Carlyle’s new single “Intruder Alert” is a statement of intent for the poet cum rapper who has his eyes firmly set on chart success.

J Carlyle’s sublime soliloquies merged with an ecstatic melody creates what can only be described as an addictively catchy single. J Carlyle’s vocal delivery is also impeccable, as he flawlessly expresses the words he has written with clinical force. The single injects a wide range of genres into the listener’s ear such as reggae, hip hop, r&b and grime.

A musical prodigy, J Carlyle began showcasing his lyrical prowess at the age of 15 and has only expanded his talent as a musician since. 2020 was the year that J Carlyle first burst onto the scene with his acclaimed debut EP “Calculating the Ifs”.

This EP contained haunting echoes of events in J Carlyle’s life and touches on topics such as working in a hospital dealing with mental health issues. J Carlyle is determined to use music as a support mechanism for people struggling with mental health, he explains:

”I consider myself an advocate for Mental Health because it’s a topic which is extremely close to me. Over the last 10 years I’ve been on both sides of the spectrum from working in one of the largest mental health institutions in East Midlands, looking after people from all walks of life whose mental health has deemed them a risk to society or/and their own well-being. I myself have suffered with mental health issues also. This journey prompted me to work with Channel 4 and local council to create a music programme for the youth.”

“Intruder Alert” is the anticipated follow-up to J Carlyle’s 2020 single “Forever Girl”, which saw him collaborate with the legendary producer Mantra, who has worked with contemporary artists such as Rihanna and Future. I have no doubt that J Carlyle will soon be added to Mantra’s list of platinum-selling artists.

BBC Introducing have described this single as an “absolute banger” which I’m more than inclined to agree with. This single is only one of several new tracks that J Carlyle is gearing up for release in 2021; he’s also intending to release a book of poems as well as give spoken word performances. 2021 looks destined to be the year of J Carlyle and I’m sure this single is just the starting point.

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Blues Rock favourites Steady Rollin shift genres with exclusive new remix of ‘You’re Mystical’

El Salvador’s Blues Rock trio Steady Rollin are continuing their remarkable rise to global recognition with a genre-bending new remix of ‘You’re mystical’, courtesy of top DJ and producer Elyse Rich.

For a band which oozes authenticity and class, opting to record and play music in the same tradition as bands like Cream and The Who, a dance remix of their hit single is bizarre but effective; helping to deliver singer Fernando Poma’s important message across genres.

“It’s a love song about a long-married couple where the husband feels a bit insecure about his wife’s love for him. He takes her to a solitary cottage in the woods. He looks at her and feels so much love that just the depth of that love makes him so scared of losing her. At one point he asks her to take a walk with him under the stars – he wants to see if the “stars are still shining” for HIM regarding her love for him. They get back into the house and he looks at her in the kitchen and can’t do anything but “sigh”. He loves her so much that he is afraid. He finds her truly mystical and otherworldly”.  

Fernando Poma, Steady Rollin
Listen to Steady Rollin’s first album Love and Loss, featuring the original ‘You’re Mystical’

What would seem like a strange collaboration to many artists, producer Elyse Rich explained that it was the message which ‘You’re Mystical’ stood for that attracted her to the song.

“You’re Mystical” is a song about self-love and self-acceptance. It’s an inspirational love song from yourSELF to yourSELF. It expresses the depth of ways we can relate to ourselves and how to bridge the gap between who we have become and the longing to reconnect with who we know ourselves to be. 

Elyse Rich

Elyse’s remix of ‘You’re Mystical’, released October 16th, gives an unconventional but exciting look forward to Steady Rollin’s debut upcoming album Love and Loss. The trio’s first full project combines real life experiences of love and passion with emotional blues rock, resulting in a record of raw emotional power. 

With the UK-exclusive remixed single opening up a whole new genre and demographic to Steady Rollin, they’re sure to hit the ground running on a global scale comet restart of the post-lockdown music industry.

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Rising UK Star Jack Rose Likened to Justin Timberlake with the Release of Stunning New Record ‘Better On My Own’

By age 25, Jack Rose has already carved out a multi-hyphenate career that’s enough to make anyone feel like an underachieving sluggard (that’s right) and he’s just getting started.

Jack Rose Smoulder

Hailing from Kent, Essex, the young singer/songwriter made his musical debut by posting song covers on YouTube, à la Justin Bieber, accumulating 1.2 million views. His unadulterated charm and heartfelt vocals have won him a devoted fandom of over 200,000. His original songs have achieved worldwide chart success and his latest single “Better on My Own” is set to blow all previous rankings out of the water. 

Brand New Urban Pop Record “Better on My Own”

The track, which features the unmistakable hook line of Annie Lennox’s iconic song “No More I Love You’s”, has already been remixed by Billy Da Kid, Dots Per Inch and Morlando, to name a few. With his signature warble, Jack delivers a catchy top-line inspired by a personal relationship that went sour. Though the romance ended bitterly, he takes an empowering stance, having discovered the strength it takes to leave a toxic situation in order to preserve your own mental health and ultimately stand taller.

You can follow Jack’s multitude of film and music projects across his socials. Make sure you catch the release of “Better on My Own”, landing on 25thSeptember, as well as the accompanying music video which will follow on 23rd October.

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Börni is the “artist to look out for” according to Billboard

With the release of her brand new single ‘New Heights’ earlier this month, Börni is set for big things this year as she receives press endorsement from the likes of Billboard, OK! Magazine and Young Entertainment. 

With Billboard magazine setting their sights on Börni as one to ‘look out for’ this year, Young Entertainment describing her as ‘uber talented’ and OK! Magazine predicting she will ‘take over the US’ we wanted to see what all the hype was all about! 

Börni has sung on stage with music diva and icon Celine Dion in front of 50,000 people and worked with megastars such as Sean Kingston on her previous music as well as four-time Grammy-nominated song-writer and producer, Linda Perry after she signed with Sony Music in 2007. 

It’s therefore no wonder that the press are excited for her new single, and we are too. Give it a listen below!

This new single from Börni represents her new style of effervescent pop, dance and urban cool, which is set to be the futuristic sound of the Summer and we believe it lives up to the hype! Having dipped her toe in a variety of music genres, this new single reflects a genre that Börni is looking to stay in as she releases more music later on this year. 

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/boernimusic/

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