Wavewulf blasts into the musical stratosphere with new album ‘Space Art and Angels’

22nd January 2021 is a date that is destined to be marked in the annals of electronica history as the day that Wavewulf released his seminal synth masterwork, ‘Space Art and Angels’.

This album takes the listener on a supernatural voyage of galaxies, stars and supernovas that conjures up irresistible images of tranquil constellations and milky ways. Wavewulf is able to engineer this impact on the listener through his mastery of the synth that perfectly encapsulates an intergalactic sound, whilst the artist has also demonstrated his ability in conjuring up very powerful earth-bound emotions.

The album’s opening track track ‘Space Capsule’ is a wonderful instrumental composition that would perfectly fit into any science fiction film soundtrack and instantly demands the listener’s complete attention. The album’s stand out tracks lie in ‘Voyagers’ and ‘Ghosts of the Past’ which have an eerie vibe to them thanks to the exceptional synth playing combined with a gentle drum beat that creates a truly transcendent listening experience.

This album very much reminded me of Cliff Martinez’s scoring of the 2011 neo-noir flick ‘Drive’ starring Ryan Gosling, which also included dystopian, lo-fi synth pop sounds combined with mellow, leisurely-paced instrumentals that give the listener a space to reflect on their hectic lives.

‘Space Art and Angels’ is the eagerly anticipated follow up to Wavewulf’s equally compelling 2020 album ‘Green Decay’, continuing his blistering run of form with his latest release. Wavewulf claims that seeing Depeche Mode play live was the defining moment in his calling to join the echelons of electronic greats. This served as the catalyst for the New Jersey based musician to purchase a synthesiser and craft his unique blend of hypnotic electro that could rival any of the genre’s classic names such as Kraftwerk and Brian Eno.

Wavewulf has taken inspiration from artists throughout the 20th century and has successfully packaged his music for a modern audience to enjoy.

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Twitter: https://twitter.com/netnik808
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/wavewulf/
Website: https://wavewulf.com/
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/nicholas-long-10
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/14Ga39ZZGbQatNaqTcaloq
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGHnDwx0pV_3V9C5FNRHfVg

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Andy Anderson Release Unveils His New 3D Listening Experience

Scotland-based DJ and producer Andy Anderson has unveiled his innovative ‘3D mixes’, gifting listeners with a completely new aural experience: all without needing to buy any specialist equipment!

As witnessed on the mix of his latest track ‘Live For A Dream’, the 3D mixes work with any headphones or earphones, making this something of an egalitarian technical development. Anderson’s mixing technique—which he is keeping tightly under-wraps—distributes the sound unevenly in the ear canal, having a 360 effect.

To understand this, we recommend listening to the 3D mix for yourself but if that is not possible imagine being stood in a small circular room with speakers covering every inch of the wall while you’re stood in the middle and you’re pretty much there.

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/andyandersonmusic/live-for-a-dream-1/s-Q6ynJ

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/0OxfjKgzS4ZlLLxJpP5xol

Facebook: www.facebook.com/andyandersonmusic

Twitter: www.twitter.com/andyandrsn1

Instagram: www.instagram.com/andyandersonmusic

Website: www.andyandersonofficial.com

M3staken finishes trilogy with ‘Rain’

cover art

Hailing from South Carolina, concept artist M3staken (M3) has ended his trilogy of albums with Rain. After the releases of Apex and Water Colors, which announced the eccentric style of M3 to the world, he has continued in much the same vein with the latest record.

Although Apex experimented with a hint of classical piano, juxtaposed with M3staken’s fracturing producer style, the second and third records focus on complicated beats and a haunting ambience.

Although M3staken takes inspiration from contemporary acts such as Joey Bada$$, Jamie XX and FKA Twigs, these influences are mere hints that the talented young producer draws upon when concocting his complex style of music.

As the last piece of M3’s trilogy, he notes that this is the album that has meant the most to him due to its conclusive nature that seems to summarise his style. M3 commented that Rain is ‘loosely connected to my two previous works and it is primarily a collection of my personal favourite songs’.





Bentley Jones stuns with new EP, ‘The Prequel’

_MG_5300_1000xSong smith Bentley Jones returns with a glowing new release combining rock, pop and electronica to create a unique sound and style. This is the most streamline release you will hear this year and something you don’t want to miss out on.

Most artists would be content in achieving less than half of what Bentley Jones has managed to over his illustrious career. His first single debuted at #5 in the Japanese Charts without any promotion and he was the first British artist to release a Japanese album on a major label. He also recorded and performed with May J and achieved several chart topping dance hits for the likes of Madonna, will.i.am, Sia and Ariana Grande to name just a few!

Having been compared to David Guetta, will.i.am and Avicii, Bentley Jones is keen to cement his place as a leading performer and so far he’s been successful in that aim.  Jones has collaborated with Curtis Young who happens to be the son of Dr Dre, on a number of releases. His version of “West End Girls” was adored by Neil Tenant and even Lady Gaga follows him on Twitter!

Listen to ‘Follow You Down’ here: https://youtu.be/tQegrTURzYs

Although Bentley is loved by the industry and fans alike, he feels it is time for change, and looks to  explore the social conformities and pigeon holed genres that are associated with male artists in his music. Having come from a labour orientated family, Bentley knows the meaning of hard work and has strived his whole life to achieve success which he feels often contrasts with the manufactured pop stars of today’s world.

Bentley Jones is a very diverse character. Not only a musician and writer, Bentley was part of a string of sold out shows with the Birmingham Opera were he utilised his extensive dance talents to great acclaim. He is also a trained fitness instructor, gymnast and swimmer whilst also being a fantastic dancer and extraordinary singer.

His infectious pop laden hooks and variance in genres and styles makes Bentley Jones an instant hit. His new tracks ooze class and style whilst getting your head bobbing and feet tapping. It is a testament to his musical genius that he manages to adhere to the established genres that made him famous whilst also being able to incorporate new influences to create truly original sounds.

Melodically, sonically and lyrically Bentley Jones has created a flawless release which will appeal to people of all walks of life and tastes in music. The EP will be released on August 31st.