The Remarkable Journey of Mustafa Khetty

Born in Sri Lanka, educated in Ireland and having lived in Far East, Middle East, USA, Europe, Mustafa Khetty has lived what most would say is a diverse and multicultural life, taking on a long and exciting business career in Investment Banking and IT. Mustafa is now ready to take on the music world and excited to focus on his love passion for music. His musical journey began in the early stage oh his life when he was exposed to Indian classical music and later on western classical, progressive rock and other genres. He then began to write music at age 12 and scored the first sketches of a Rock/classical fusion concerto, toccata and fugue and other pieces by 15. Inspired by Art, Architecture, Literature and Philosophy along with musicians such as Yes, Genesis, ELP, Jethro Tull, Bee Gees, Beatles, Enya, Mike Oldfield, Tangerine Dream and Kitaro. Mustafa has created a sound which has ranges across different genres and fusion of both western and eastern styles and instruments merging soundscapes forming a tapestry of moods, emotions, rhythmic patterns and harmonic layers. Mustafa Khetty truly can be described as a rocker, humanist, classical aficionado, multi ethnic at heart and culturally a melting pot.

The new single, Requiem for New Zealand, was originally inspired by the tragic events in Christchurch, New Zealand on 15th March 2019, when a terrorist attack left 51 innocent people murdered and 49 injured. Requiem for New Zealand is dedicated to victims of hate crime around the world.

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Instrumental Rock & Metal project The Soft Shades Release Brand New Album ‘Keeper of the Groove’

Debut album set for release on 22nd April 2016

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‘Keeper of the Groove’ is the debut post rock album to be released under the prog rock instrumental project The Soft Shades. The musical project was put together by Dmitry Gubsky in 2011.

Listen here: 

Following on from the success of the 4 track EP released in November, The Soft Shades are now ready to release the full instrumental album and the end of April.

Founder Dmitry, has been passionate about music his whole life, he started learning how to play the accordion when he was just 7 years old. He has gone onto play and tour in lots of different successful bands in Europe as well as being involved in lots of different musical projects in his home country of Ukraine.  In 2012 he played at Euroblast in Cologne with his previous band ‘Joncofy’. After being in lots of different bands,  Dmitry wanted to create a new style of prog & metal instrumental music where he was involved in every aspect of the project from creating the music, writing the scores to producing and recording it all together for the album. It is very much his project that he had wanted to create for a really long time but wasn’t able to in his bands previously.

Each track on the album is highly original and a reflection of a different experience and emotion. At times the music is very cinematic with an intense feeling that you are waiting in anticipation for what is next to come.

Dmitry has spoken about the different influences behind the album;

“Everyday mood is what influenced the album, the track titles on the album show in some way what exactly inspired me for each song and all personal to experiences in my life.”

Highlight tracks include ‘First September Weekend, Sky Flares and November Storms. Another popular album track is ‘When This Day Comes’. This song was created to reflect the feeling you might feel on a Monday morning and thinking about going back to work after a perfect weekend off. It is a melancholic song that Dmitry has portrayed beautifully to reflex this mood.

The whole album is an exploration into the immersive world of rock, metal and instrumental music. The atmosphere over the 11 tracks perfectly encapsulates Dmitry’s idea of exploring moods and experiences he has had in his life. The tracks are so powerful in portraying a message and captivating the listener that there is absolutely no need for words. The tracks vary from big rock guitar riffs and drums to an industrial eerie sound on tracks like ‘November Storms’ and ‘The Fall’. This combination of tracks on the album using familiar musical elements in different ways proves to make a very powerful and enticing listen.


Sound cloud link:
Album track listing:

1 Mountain Dreaming  4:22

2 Keeper of the Groove  5:23

3 Ghosts on the Lake  4:18

4 Spring Castles  4:23

5 Sunshine on the Riverside  2:22

6 First September Weekend  2:58

7 The Fall  2:46

8 Skyflares  3:37

9 When This Day Comes  3:57

10 November Storms  4:08

11 Hectic Nightshades  3:15

TOTAL           41:30


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