J Carlyle’s latest single “Intruder Alert” is destined to storm the charts

I’ve just listened to one of the most memorable singles I’ve heard for months. J Carlyle’s new single “Intruder Alert” is a statement of intent for the poet cum rapper who has his eyes firmly set on chart success.

J Carlyle’s sublime soliloquies merged with an ecstatic melody creates what can only be described as an addictively catchy single. J Carlyle’s vocal delivery is also impeccable, as he flawlessly expresses the words he has written with clinical force. The single injects a wide range of genres into the listener’s ear such as reggae, hip hop, r&b and grime.

A musical prodigy, J Carlyle began showcasing his lyrical prowess at the age of 15 and has only expanded his talent as a musician since. 2020 was the year that J Carlyle first burst onto the scene with his acclaimed debut EP “Calculating the Ifs”.

This EP contained haunting echoes of events in J Carlyle’s life and touches on topics such as working in a hospital dealing with mental health issues. J Carlyle is determined to use music as a support mechanism for people struggling with mental health, he explains:

”I consider myself an advocate for Mental Health because it’s a topic which is extremely close to me. Over the last 10 years I’ve been on both sides of the spectrum from working in one of the largest mental health institutions in East Midlands, looking after people from all walks of life whose mental health has deemed them a risk to society or/and their own well-being. I myself have suffered with mental health issues also. This journey prompted me to work with Channel 4 and local council to create a music programme for the youth.”

“Intruder Alert” is the anticipated follow-up to J Carlyle’s 2020 single “Forever Girl”, which saw him collaborate with the legendary producer Mantra, who has worked with contemporary artists such as Rihanna and Future. I have no doubt that J Carlyle will soon be added to Mantra’s list of platinum-selling artists.

BBC Introducing have described this single as an “absolute banger” which I’m more than inclined to agree with. This single is only one of several new tracks that J Carlyle is gearing up for release in 2021; he’s also intending to release a book of poems as well as give spoken word performances. 2021 looks destined to be the year of J Carlyle and I’m sure this single is just the starting point.

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Aussie rising stars The Bonnie Doons to release new EP ‘The Betweeners’ on 20th November

The Brisbane-based five piece have teased the release of their upcoming EP ‘The Betweeners’ with their latest single ‘Fred’.

This song’s honest and blunt lyrics, depicting a malfunctioning relationship needing to be ended without guilt, stand it apart from blander singles. ‘Fred’ begins the countdown for The Bonnie Doons’ highly anticipated new album.

Boonie Doons give the 90s a showcase with their style of alternative rap and pop. ‘Fred’ offers classic chiming guitar chords intertwined with a fresh groove.

The music is perfect for stretching out and drenching the last of the sun from those crisp autumn mornings.

Similar to Ocean Alley, GUM and San Cisco, ‘The Betweeners’ creates a space where you can easily drift in the EP. The band’s new music leaves them in promising stead as the industry works on its return to live music, as soon as it’s safe to do so.

Thankfully, fans have ‘Fred’ to satisfy them until The Bonnie Doons can return in full force…

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Cloudy Clouds’ new album ‘Imprisoned in a Daydream’ is a stunning lyrical story

Cloudy Clouds has released his debut album, Imprisoned in a Daydream which, in 14 tracks, gives a charming mix of self-deprecating humor, witty social commentary and, of course, the nuances of dreamy love. The UK hip-hop scene may not be quite sure what has hit it.

Mensa-member Claudio Elliston has reinvented himself as Cloudy Clouds. Based in the Crouch End area of London, his influence stems from hip-hop’s finest talents, namely Eminem, Lupe Fiasco and, of course Sha Stimuli. Taking notes from these names, we see nothing fake in the music of Cloudy Clouds. Instead, the lyrics are bursting with an emotional sharpness which defies rap stereotypes of soulless commentary.

Notable songs include ‘Your Future Daughter’ which focuses on the UK’s drug laws and their problematic repercussions, and ‘Calling Round’, a song from the perspective of a terrorist attack victim. Cloudy Clouds is the antithesis of shying away from controversial topics.

An album made special by its pure and majestic storytelling, Imprisoned in a Daydream is a mash of trap, grime, drill and rap. Cloudy Clouds is at the top of his game.

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Lil T.O releases new song Beautiful

Floridian artist Lil T.O (an old school friend of XXXTentacion) has released his new song Beautiful. Beautiful, expressing a more upbeat side to T.O’s personality, reveals his real personality and a pure summer vibe. Having a Haitian mother and raised in different cities across the US, T.O’s music draws on music from backgrounds of every colour, culture and class. 

You can listen to it here:


 [Clean Version] – https://soundcloud.com/tb_lil_takeover/lil-to-beautiful-feat-ete-clean/s-YKrMXkLjCP7

Lil T.O has expressed how music has been his escape as a way to convey his more vulnerable side, where in reality he may appear like he is not facing any problems.

“Growing up I know I’ve always been sad and being a guy, you can’t really wear that on your sleeve. Then growing up, I just went through a lot of situations that just ultimately lead to me being where I’m at now… in a dark place. It’s like no matter how hard I try doing good, I’m still the bad guy in every situation and sometimes ignoring the little things don’t help. Dealing with suicidal thoughts and depression, I’d just keep everything to myself and I never knew how to express it better than writing it in music form”

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/1LilTakeOver

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Aitch, AJ Tracey and several other UK artists to headline in this summer’s Malta’s Escape 2 The Island festival

Despite Covid-19, Aitch and AJ Tracey are part of the lineup for Malta’s Escape 2 The Island festival, which is due to take place this summer on the 28th-30th August 2020. However, in other parts of the world, still, other festivals are cancelled. For example, Jay Z’s Made in America has recently been cancelled due to the pandemic.

Other artists performing at Escape 2 The Island festival include Fredo, Young T & Bugsey, Jay1, Mist, Yxng Bane, Charlie Sloth, S1Mba, Sl, Ms Banks, Unknown T and Hardy Caprio. See the full line up below:

Escape To The Island has full support from the Malta Tourism Authority. A press release said: “With very low rates of Covid-19 and incredibly detailed and diligent planning from the Maltese government, the country is now open again for tourism to many parts of Europe including the UK from July 15th. All hotels, bars, restaurant’s, clubs and beaches are open with stringent procedures in place around social distancing and testing.”

Kanye West reveals he will run for US president in 2020

2020 has already been a whirlwind, and Kayne West has just announced he will run for US presidency yesterday on Independence Day. Kanye West is a already a successful music artist, producer and fashion designer. However, it is not official yet as it is not clear if he has filed any official paperwork to appear on ballot.

Some people think this announcement is a simple publicity stunt, though others questioned: (according to Politico) How did West go from being a public supporter of President Donald Trump to announcing a run against him? 

“We must now realize the promise of America by trusting God, unifying our vision and building our future,” West wrote. “I am running for president of the United States.” Earlier this year we have also seen that Kayne West has declared he will no longer write secular music, strictly all Gospel religious music.

The Grammy winner has already mentioned running for presidency, as last November he said “When I run for president in 2024, we would’ve created so many jobs that I’m not going to run, I’m going to walk”. This would most definitely be a late registration as he is past the deadline for state filing to register as an independent candidate.

Discrete Brings the Sound of California to 2018

Discrete, a rapper, singer and producer raised in the Bay Area of Northern California, is gearing up for the biggest year of his musical career so far with the first sounds from his forthcoming album, ‘Let Me Remind You’ With a style which has fleshes of E-4, G-Eazy and Max Dre, Discrete is every bit the one-man-music-machine, having control over every element, from writing to producing. Already with seven mix tapes and two label released albums under his belt, and no signs of his prolific productivity waning, the thing which really makes Discrete stand out is that no two tracks sound the same – this is an artist who is constantly moving and continually evolving.

His latest single, Move Yo Body, is the kind of infectious summer anthem that is almost tailor-made to play with the windows of your car rolled down Lyrically Discrete has been compared to artists like Kanye West and Drake with real life story telling composed into a work of art. Written, recorded and mixed by Discrete himself, it showcases an ultra-confident artist at his most playful and slick.

His new CD entitled “Let Me Remind You” features the hit songs: Move Yo Body, Try This featuring Sage the Gemini and If I Went Broke, all of which are getting significant plays locally and online. Now ready to take on the world at large, Discrete, despite his name, is going to be hard to ignore in 2018.

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/alwaysdiscrete/tracks

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/embed/qFrxd_VzDLo

Twitter: @alwaysdiscrete  

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/always_discrete/

Website: https://sosharpproductions.com/artists


‘Runaw’y’ by Pimlican

Collaborative solo artist Pimlican blends R&B, dance and pop to form ‘Runaw’y’, his latest single released via his own label, Belgrave Road Records. Strong song writing prowess combines with infectious hooks and complex beats, and it is this that has got Pimlican featured on Tom Robinson’s Radio 6 show, BBC Introducing and BBC Radio Leeds.


The inspiration for Pimlican came from spending many nights in Pimlico, waiting for appointments with people involved in the music industry.

There is also a unique ethos behind the group that sets them apart from the rest: the idea of the collective is to deliver unique live performances and therefore, anyone can get involved in Pimlican as long as they help evolve the live show and bring something new to the table.

After releasing the single ‘B’ck 4 More/P’lya’ in late May, Pimlican are set to release the addictive dance pop track ‘Runaw’y’ this January.







ShoDem Records: Introducing Exciting New Artist MSL

Following the success of previous track ‘Cheque Me’, featuring London MC Beluga Ice, ShoDem Records joined up with the talented Sky KraftHouse Beats and returned with a new, six track EP “Extraction” due for release 31st January from their latest signing, MSL.

This track ‘Keep Up’ is one of the six on the EP, ShoDem Records CEO, Sammy Sose has recently taken on board the management of MSL after witnessing his talent, and is keen to support and drive the vision of MSL‘S success.