Chris Andreucci releases exhilarating new EP ‘What Don’t Kill You’!

Chris Andreucci is set to take up the gauntlet laid down by fellow scots Lewis Capaldi and Paolo Nutini, and command radio waves on both sides of The Atlantic. The Glasgow-based Chris managed to bag himself a record deal with the Nashville label ‘Century Music Group’ in 2019, with the label’s president expressing huge admiration for Chris’s pristine musical talents.

Despite not yet releasing a full studio album, Chris has already performed at some of Scotland’s most prestigious venues like the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall and King Tut’s Wah Wah Hut, where a little band called Oasis were first discovered. 2020 was set to be the year of Chris Andreucci, with plans for major festival dates, as well as his intention to move out to Nashville to try and conquer the American soundwaves, but COVID-19 intervened.

“2020 has been a crazy year. It was set to be a year full of highs – a performance at C2C Festival at The Hydro in Glasgow alongside my favourite artists such as Luke Combs, an EP launch and then a move out to
Nashville in July. But in reality, like so many other people, the year was filled with lows. All my shows were cancelled or rescheduled due to COVID and as a direct result of this my visa application fell through as I had
no activities lined up”. – Chris Andreucci

All of Chris’ plans for 2020 were thrown on the scrap heap, but he will not be deterred in fulfilling his boundless potential with the release of his new EP ‘What Don’t Kill You’.

What Don’t Kill You boasts an enormous range of instrumentation, with ragingly brisk electric guitars and thundering vocals on the opening track ‘Here Comes The Rain’. Complementing this sound is a more tender acoustic guitar on the track ‘Thunderstorms and Rain’.

Overall, it’s the songs ‘Tonight I’m Yours’ and ‘Freedom’ that are the EP’s procurement. This is where Chris Andreucci showcases his instinctive ability to craft powerful tales of modern day romance. This EP is very mercurial and covers all spheres of the emotional spectrum, from being very uplifting in ‘The Only Love That Never Broke My Heart’, to creating a devastating, sorrowful tale of a break-up in ‘Drinking Song’.

2020 was meant to be the year that Chris Andreucci broke into the mainstream and I believe if it wasn’t for COVID, he would have fulfilled his destiny. Still, I have a feeling that 2021 will be the year that Chris Andreucci joins the dynasty of great Scottish musicians who have conquered the world.

Track List

  1. Here Comes The Rain
  2. Tonight I’m Yours
  3. Drinking Song
  4. Thunderstorms & Rain
  5. The Only Love That Never Broke My Heart
  6. Freedom

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Andy Anderson Release Unveils His New 3D Listening Experience

Scotland-based DJ and producer Andy Anderson has unveiled his innovative ‘3D mixes’, gifting listeners with a completely new aural experience: all without needing to buy any specialist equipment!

As witnessed on the mix of his latest track ‘Live For A Dream’, the 3D mixes work with any headphones or earphones, making this something of an egalitarian technical development. Anderson’s mixing technique—which he is keeping tightly under-wraps—distributes the sound unevenly in the ear canal, having a 360 effect.

To understand this, we recommend listening to the 3D mix for yourself but if that is not possible imagine being stood in a small circular room with speakers covering every inch of the wall while you’re stood in the middle and you’re pretty much there.