Wavewulf blasts into the musical stratosphere with new album ‘Space Art and Angels’

22nd January 2021 is a date that is destined to be marked in the annals of electronica history as the day that Wavewulf released his seminal synth masterwork, ‘Space Art and Angels’.

This album takes the listener on a supernatural voyage of galaxies, stars and supernovas that conjures up irresistible images of tranquil constellations and milky ways. Wavewulf is able to engineer this impact on the listener through his mastery of the synth that perfectly encapsulates an intergalactic sound, whilst the artist has also demonstrated his ability in conjuring up very powerful earth-bound emotions.

The album’s opening track track ‘Space Capsule’ is a wonderful instrumental composition that would perfectly fit into any science fiction film soundtrack and instantly demands the listener’s complete attention. The album’s stand out tracks lie in ‘Voyagers’ and ‘Ghosts of the Past’ which have an eerie vibe to them thanks to the exceptional synth playing combined with a gentle drum beat that creates a truly transcendent listening experience.

This album very much reminded me of Cliff Martinez’s scoring of the 2011 neo-noir flick ‘Drive’ starring Ryan Gosling, which also included dystopian, lo-fi synth pop sounds combined with mellow, leisurely-paced instrumentals that give the listener a space to reflect on their hectic lives.

‘Space Art and Angels’ is the eagerly anticipated follow up to Wavewulf’s equally compelling 2020 album ‘Green Decay’, continuing his blistering run of form with his latest release. Wavewulf claims that seeing Depeche Mode play live was the defining moment in his calling to join the echelons of electronic greats. This served as the catalyst for the New Jersey based musician to purchase a synthesiser and craft his unique blend of hypnotic electro that could rival any of the genre’s classic names such as Kraftwerk and Brian Eno.

Wavewulf has taken inspiration from artists throughout the 20th century and has successfully packaged his music for a modern audience to enjoy.

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Stefan Elefteriu drops other-worldly album ‘Quantum Gates’

Stefan Elefteriu’s latest album is a science fiction journey. Listening makes you feel like you’re wandering through a world unknown; a world which quivers with the melodic lines of outer space.

The artist previously built his own synthesisers in Communist Russia, which likely led to his technical and classical skills in music being fused together in ‘Quantum Gates’.

We can see through this album some truly astonishing musical understanding. Eleferiu masters the keyboard, violin, and a distinct musical narrative which gives the songs their other-worldy feel.

Listen to ‘Quantum Gates’ below:

Elements of classical, rock, and electronic all come together within this album. It’s perhaps not surprising with Elefteriu’s technical abilities, but his musical career breaches from working at the Romanian National Opera, which is definitely an unusual start for an electro-rock star.

The most noticeable factor of this album is the commitment to a uniquely niche genre. Science fiction isn’t for everyone… but maybe it should be.

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Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/3uXquOCFBiGsuy2W5V90hh?si=5OxW-6VnRiSKQqqkDcv6-Q

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2rXwyOWkt9kqfD3KZtRWFQ

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