Special Delivery via Hitha

Though coming from an Indian background, Californian, Hitha, is as in love with Western pop music as much as any teenager her age (just 13!) With a maturity which belies her years, her second ever release, Special,  introduces some of her cultural influences, without, thankfully, making it feel clunky or forced. In particular, the flute plays a prominent role in the track, giving a an added layer of texture without resorting to the expected studio trickery.

Though the lyrics to the track celebrate the unsung roles played by loved ones in everyone’s life, the real appeal of the track is that the artist is speaking to people of her own age largely. Teenagers actually speaking directly to teenagers seems to be the lost thread in the musical fabric, with other artists Hitha’s age usually more eager to sing about subjects beyond their experience. Check out the video below.

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