SBM News: Tunetables – The Perfect Solution To Music Storage

Those of us of a certain age, or of certain musical inclinations, will immediately recognise the punk/post-punk classic, “Into The Valley.” It’s one of those songs which certainly seem to define that era. The track made it to the UK’s Top Of The Pops show for legendary band, The Skids. What am I leading up to here? Well, you’ve probably heard me bang on before about Tunetables – a great new product for storing your CDs, vinyls tapes. The concept is a great one – Tunetables fashion hand-crafted table/display units copied from the class instrument flight-case design. They look great, and are a wonderful way to show off your collection.

There’s a good story behind Tunetables, as told by Rob Chappelhow, head honcho and inventor, whose personal revelation came during a visit to the Joe Strummer Archive exhibition in Covent Garden. In Rob’s own words: “set out under an acrylic plinth was Strummer’s personal tape cassette collection…his musical heritage and inspiration perfectly showcased. It was totally spellbinding. I soon started to conceptualise how I could create my own version of this…a personal time capsule of life-affirming music. I wanted something that could be inherently useful, something that I would see and use every day, and that would be a talking point for like-minded music enthusiasts.”

Check out Tunetables below: