Can Veganism Save Your Love Life & the Planet this Valentine’s?

Antiquated Valentine’s traditions see a major impact on our environment. A bouquet of flowers may be synonymous with romance, but a single Kenyan rose has a carbon footprint of 2.407 Kg CO2, equaling up to 6 miles in a car (Source). And the steak dinner you’re enjoying? A single steak has a carbon footprint of 6.268 Kg CO2, equaling up to 20 miles in a car (Source).

UK’s First Carbon Negative Restaurant Challenges All to a Vegan Valentine’s

As concern for the environment reaches an all-time high, why not show some love to our planet this Valentine’s? The UK’s first carbon negative restaurant & bar Stem & Glory invites the public to challenge outdated approaches to the most romantic day of the year…

COP26’s Hero of Net Zero, Stem & Glory, unleash a plant-based-carbon-free menu that presents a plethora of alternative aphrodisiacs – from king oyster mushrooms to passion fruit, from butternut squash to strawberries.

Fruit and Veg Diet Proven to Boost Romance

Don’t fret! No romance is spared when it comes to a vegan Valentine’s, in fact, studies show a non-meat diet sees people appear more attractive, have a more pleasant body odour and a better post-date performance…

And beyond the scientific benefits, indulging in a plant-based meal is steeped in romantic symbolism! Dating back to many ancient cultures, hopeless romantics were known to gift their romantic interest with fruit & veg to signify their love and desire. Strawberries especially! Displaying the traditional deep reds of romance, strawberries are said to have stemmed from Aphrodite’s heart-shaped tears. The fruit is loaded with vital vitamin C; crucial for the production of sex hormones and libido increasing chemical neurotransmitters!

Head to a Vegan/Plant-Based Restaurant this Valentine’s

So with a vegan Valentine’s guaranteed to excite and delight our significant other, as well as massively reduce our carbon footprint – let’s give it a go! If you’re fortunate enough to live nearby to Stem & Glory’s Cambridge and London sites, even better!

The National SME’s ‘Best Enterprising’ Business Award Winner and founder of Stem & Glory, Louise Palmer Masterton, ensures each ingredient found on the restaurant’s Valentine’s dinner table, “are on the high side of nutritionally effective in romance and sex drive.”

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